Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The Annual after Thanksgiving Paintball Event was super fun AGAIN this year. We actually did it two days in a row. Here's some highlights of Friday's Game.

Ahad joined us from the country of Azerbaijan. He's really cool.
He can speak Azerbaijan, Russian, and English fluently. I love
his accent. He has a terrific sense of humor!

Felippe is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese and English.
I'm always mixing these two up and calling Ahad Felippe etc.
Felippe played both days with us.

The Swartz Fam joined us this year. The kids played the
second day out but I forgot my camera that day. Morgan,
Miranda and Sage are really good shots! Here's Morgan and
Miranda with Molly and Robyn.

Here are the girls in training with dad Mike.

Heather is one to watch out for....
Here's Greg as photogenic as ever...

Sam...Daniel and Emily....


Randy.....Jeff.....ok where exactly is Jeff?..Here's John P. instead...

And friend Oren...and Paul...and is that Jeff?

I know these aren't action photos but geez you try taking
photos in the middle of a fight! At one point Molly, Robyn and I
were running for our lives!
Here's some funny shots...

Randy and Paul making out...

This one isn't funny but I liked it....

Afterward everyone gathered at Randy's for sleep?

Here's Shannon and Sage...what do you think Shannon is up to here?

She's making her own dressform. First Sage wrapped her
in plastic wrap and then duct tape. Then she cut it off her.


Dan said...

Way coool fun stuff every were.
Great pic and good shots of everone.

fiona said...

You always have such great pictures of these events!'s almost like there's a Jentzsch army in training out in rural Oregon...We haven't paintballed in so long, looks like fun! And, ha! I love the hungry Robyn pictures you and Molly put up!

Molly said...

HAHAHAHA! I LOOOVE your shots and storyline! way too funny!

Yes, we were running for our lives down that hill at one point in time, bullets zig-zagging everywhere!!

what a fun weekend! We forgot to go xmas tree chopping! :(