Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sari's Little Princess

Mud Princess that is.

And Chicken Whisperer...


6 Things That Make Me Smile:

1. Gluten Free Cookies and Cake. I loooooooooooove them and smile the whole time I'm eating!

2. Jessie's Face all RED and SWEATY when she's just climbed a mountain with Daniel looking for a geocache and her face is all excited opening the canister.....and she asks.........oh goody....where's the CASH? hahahahaha.........that really makes me smile! (she really thought there would be money in it! hahaha)

3. Alex when he's trying to sign 'poop'. It's soooooooooo funny!

4. Flowers blooming in my yard. Especially the roses. I sniff and sniff and SMILE.

5. Telling Robyn there's an earwig crawling up her neck and watching her scream and start to rip her shirt off! LOL! I trick her every week and every week she falls for it. Big SMILE moment!

6. Reading a good book. I smile when I finally get to relax in bed at night to read for an hour or two. And I think to myself.........I have a great life!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Month of June 2009

Rainie Falls hike on Memorial Day. ( I know that was in May)

Sam Birthday on the 9th...

Lots of playing...


Evans Valley Duathalon....Molly and Dan got 3rd place in their category.

Lots of bike rides....

More playing...

Enjoying watching the baby chickens...

Playing with Lucy...

Eating lunch...

Being creative...making a stepping stone...

Flower arranging...

Making egg rolls...

Pat making Mango Sorbet...

Molly making dairy free ice-cream...

Eating the dairy free ice-cream...DELISH!

Molly's Birthday on the 19th...

Playing at the Park...

What a fun month! And it's not even over yet! We're looking
forward to camping in July!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Really Cool Toy

I received this for my birthday! It's called a Kindle.
You can read all about it here.
I already have 16 books in it.
I only bought 2 of them.
Amazon has lots of free book specials all the time.
There are plenty of free books on the internet.
i.e. I love Jane Austen....voila all her books are free.
Some authors want you to try their books so they'll offer
the first book in a series for free.
Right now I'm reading Stephanie Meyers....The Host
It's really good. I like it better than Twilight. *gasp*
I can search google.
I can email.
I can read blogs.
I can load in my own documents to read.
I can print a page if I want.
I can listen to audio books.
I can listen to any book with text to speech.
It's an mp3 player.
etc, etc, etc....
I know you're jealous!
The best part is I don't need to add on to the house
for all my books I like to read.
It was very expensive and I'm very spoiled.
Eat your heart out Zac!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Baby in the Family

Her name is Lucy. She is a mutt with some shepherd and border collie (being dominant)
in her. She is 3 months old.
Jack the love of my life ran away to live next door with Rachel and her 5 boys. After camping last year Jack discovered kids and his life with me was suddendly very boring. Rachel and her family love him to death.
Lucy is very laid back. Loves the babies. Loves the cats. Loves dandelions and water.
She is very gentle and sweet. Trained herself to potty in the forest in 1 day. She loves her deck with all her teddies. Isn't afraid of the night or thunderstorms.

Here she is planting beans.