Friday, December 12, 2008


Remember Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and his encounter with the abominable snowman?
He was soooooooooo scary!
Molly reincarnated him here for Robyn's birthday.

Robyn is totally enamored.

They want to be just like him when they grow up...

He tasted Marvelous!


fiona said...

That is FANTASTIC! Molly's art skills expand into all genres. We've been watching this Rudolph w/ the twins, Bran's a little wary of the "Bumble." I bet if he could eat him, he'd be less afraid.

zachariah said...

Yukon Cornelius could take the "Bumble" if he wasn't so gold crazed...

Sutherlands said...

That was the coolest and tastiest cake I have ever had! Thanks to everyone who made my b-day special!

Dan said...

It was really good tasting.
But I sure glad its gone.
Thank Molly and Robyn for have a birthday.