Thursday, January 1, 2009


From Dan, Rochelle, Ben, Daniel, and John P.


Dan said...

They use my head for on of the zeros
Really smoky in the yard after we did all the fire works.
Great fun.

Sutherlands said...

I love it! That turned out great! Happy New Year! Ours was very uneventful this year.

zachariah said...

Happy New Year!! We had dinner with our polynesian hostess and then fell asleep long before midnight, like usual. We always mean to stay up and never make it. Our most memorable was our first when we were freezing in a youth hostel in Nuremburg, Germany. We piled all the covers on us to get warm and waited. Thinking we would be awake, we were actually awoken by a big bottle rocket hitting our window after the new year. Oh, well... maybe we'll make it next year.