Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Blog Book

Thanks to Megan for turning me on to this idea. Making a Blog book from my blog.
This is a top quality hard bound book. Here's the front cover.

My first entry.

This last pic is the back of the book.

I used It was very easy to do. For this book I did the
first two years. I'll make another book for 2009. I added collage pages
to this book. The photos are top quality. I was amazed at how professional
looking it turned out. This book cost 60.00. A small price to pay for a copy
of my online journal complete with pictures. You know how we're supposed
to keep journals! yeah!


fiona said...

I think that's so cool and looks great! I've heard of blurb, and really need to look into it more. I've been printing out my blogs/pics/comments, but this looks sooooo much better. And I'm way behind. Can you include comments in the book?

Megan and Greg said...

Looks great! Well done!


Rochelle said...

Yes you can include comments. Blurb makes it so easy with ready made templates etc. You can customize your book any way you want. Also, you can make it available for others to buy too!

Megan and Greg said...

Supercool, Rochelle. I can't wait to finish our Europe one.

heidi and Doug said...

ogh man it turned out AWESOME so getting myself one to pose as a jopurnal LOL

zachariah said...

That's really cool!

Dan said...

It's really nice and will done.
Rochelle did and real nice job putting it together.

Sutherlands said...

I can't wait to make one!