Friday, October 30, 2009


I love Halloween because it signifies the closing of the year for me. All of a sudden the leaves have changed color, the garden goes to sleep and its Autumn. The color ORANGE is suddenly fashionable. With the arrival of new babies in our lives Holidays take on new meaning.

Alex kissing the garden gnome. He kissed every statue in the garden.

We're kids again...teaching new kids how to have fun. Seriously...have you ever taken the time to actually play with an 18 month old? I have this opportunity every week. For example...Robyn had an eye appt. so I watched Alex for an hour at the appt. We ran up and down the stairs, drank from the drinking fountains, then went outside. We played in the leaves, swung from the bike racks, walked on the curbs without falling into hot lava, threw rocks in the creek nearby, collected dinosaur eggs for gramsi's garden, threw helicopters into the air (the seeds with wings) and made the noises for helicopters, rode the construction cones like horses. We learned "danger." When a car comes I yell "danger!" and we run to the curb and jump up on it until the danger passes. It's amazing how well I can communicate with these little ones. They talk to me all the time and I know what they're talking about. Life has become new again through their eyes.

Here's some pictures from our annual trip to a nearby farm. Enjoy the little ones in your life. Try and see the world through their eyes and take the time to actually play with them. Get down on their level and be little again!

This farm is so amazing. They have a local 4H group run various activies for cheap! You can go in and pet all the animals for free. The pony rides cost $1
Going in the *maze*. It was dark in here but they loved it.

Ridin the pony...alex

Dominic feeding the kernel at a time...

I loved this next shot because they're so cute in their little overalls.

My camera battery died too soon but I'll get more pics from the moms.
And yes I knitted the cute hats and made the scarfs. Always in the height of fashion.

and here's a rare moment...Alex posing...standing still? a miracle!


Megan and Greg said...

Great job on the hats and scarves! Looks like you guys have been having fun!


Sari said...

They grow so fast and they are so busy!! Cute pics looks like the pumkins could eat them

Dan said...

Pumpkin head is back.
Twice as much fun as last year.
Twice as cute as the year before.
Twice the work as in times before.
Twice the smiles they gave.
Twice the lovers there are.
Love pic.

fiona said...

At first I thought that was YOUR pumpkin patch! I can totally see you being that creative/artistic and making those sculptures, etc. It IS such a blessing to be a little kid again, through your kids'/grandkids' eyes, so fun.

The boys are adorable, I love the hats and scarves, and you can't go wrong with overalls on little guys! Love 'em!

zachariah said...

What fun, everything is so much funner now with kids... they get so excited about everything.

Sutherlands said...

Oh loved your commentary on this post! I am so grateful to have a Mom who LOVES to be a Grandma and interacts on a very personal and real level with her grand-kids! Thanks for playing with Alex while I went to the eye doctor! It sounds like you two had quite the adventure! His face lights up every time we talk about going to see "Gramsi", it even halts his occasional tantrums! Thanks for the great post!