Friday, December 18, 2009


Santa's Workshop is working overtime. Of Course I can't show you
what's a makin in there until............later...........but some cool stuff I'm
tellin ya! I have made a BUNCH of hats.
Here's a few pics to enjoy!
If you're wondering who the stray child is in the above photo it's Paul's nephew. Robyn
babysits him 3 days a week and he's very attached to her.
I'm holding Dominic and Molly is holding Alex.

Aren't they so cute in their Christmas Outfits?

Dominic thought the giant animals were going to eat him. He kept a wary eye on them and clung to his mommy. Like this has scary teeth and looks like it has blood on its fur from its
last meal.

What's so scary about this pig though?

Candy necklace IV's.....

Little Penguins....

I hope everyone is snug and cozy and enjoying this special Holiday Season.
I'm full of warm thoughts for everyone and am sending them your way.
Merry Christmas!


Molly said...

GREAT PICS and vid mom! sorry I'm bad at blogging anymore. :( pooey

Megan and Greg said...

Great post! Cute pics!

Sutherlands said...

Hmmmm...I see that Alex is stomping on one of my ornaments...ANd, who was supposed to be watching him? haha I love the pictures.

Shannon said...

The pig is actually scary to me. The kids are cute :)

fiona said...

Merry Christmas! Those boys are adorable. I love their outfits!

zachariah said...

Merry Christmas, really late I know! I like the hats, and the pigs eyes make him scary I think.

Alena said...

Rochelle, it looks like you are LOVING being a grandma! How is life down in Oregon?