Monday, December 3, 2007

Cool Art, Rubber Cheese and Socks

I've been creating presents for Christmas and can't post them's Christmas. The time for Top Secret Santa Gifts in the making. But I can share some weird things I've been up to.
Like....This cool Art piece I found at a Craft Fair.

And I made....Rubber Cheese...

It's not really called Rubber Cheese. It's cashew cheese made with Cashews, soy milk, seasonings and Agar Flakes. Totally milk free. It doesn't taste like cheese to me.
When you heat it up it turns into a sauce and you can put it on Pasta for Mac and Cheese.
Ben thinks its great. I think it tastes really good. You can grate it for a topping too. I also
made some cornless cornbread which turned out Delicious and we ate it all before I
could take a picture. I used ground Millet in place of the Cornmeal. Ben informed me
after all my effort that he really has NEVER like cornbread.
And just so everyone thinks I can only knit hats here's a pic of Socks I just finished
for Sam's Emily. It was her Bday on Thanksgiving.

They look pretty funny here. But look very cute on the feet.


fiona said...

Wow, those socks are AWESOME!! So cute and fun looking! and the "cheese" sounds like it would be tasty, but yeah, not very cheesy...You never cease to amaze me, all the stuff you make/do!

Molly said...

yay! cool art piece! I do like it. The cheese looks way awesome and the socks turned out perfect!! I can't wait to try the cheese!

love ya!

Sutherlands said...

You are so creative Mom!
Love, Robyn

Saunders Family said...

Okay those are the cutest sox ever and as the cousin with the biggest girl feet I think I need a pair

Dan said...

The socks are pretty cool.
and I haven't see the cheese yet.
But gave me a chance.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh those socks are wild! I love the colors! So impressive Rochelle! I loved the art piece too. And all that baking! What can't you do?