Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Mysterious Broken Cement Edgers

The Mystery unfolds....these cement edgers are naturally curved and meant to go around trees. I found a pile of them, broken of course, for 10 cents apiece. Now what would you do with them?

Make BUGS of course!

I love the way this caterpillar turned out! The lime green will be
fabulous in the garden.
OH NO! I've always hated it in the spring when the ANTS invade
the kitchen!

Here's one more...

These were all painted with spray paint! Super fast and fun!


Molly said...

I still can't get over how great these look! I've got to make one for myself!, you're ants are REALLY out of hand!

Dan said...

They never stop bugging me. LOL

fiona said...

Okay, I haven't checked blogs in a while, and those are so AWESOME!!! I love how they all turned out, especially the caterpillar guy, very cool!!! You're so creative! You could totally sell those I think...

zachariah said...

Those are really cool, you always have such good creative idea's.