Sunday, February 3, 2008


The world takes on fresh meaning when a child is around. Everything to them is new and exciting. It's so fun being a kid. Playing with one brings back that memory.
Mathias came to play while his parents went shopping.
First a fort...

Since it was snowing (again) we decided to go out and play in it.

When I was a little girl we didn't have mittens or boots.
We used plastic bags for insulation. Mathias thought it
quite fun putting baggies on his hands and feet!

He wasn't sure if he was done yet...but then we mentioned lunch and he got excited.
We played in the tent some more and when mom and dad came we were hiding in it
and jumped out and scared them!


Andrew & Sari said...

Thanks for wearing him out he had so much fun!!! I love the pictures there great!!

Molly said...

haha! looks like a lot of fun! funny snow getup, looked like legwarmers on his arms/hands???

loved the plastic baggies! :P

fiona said...

Ya know, from those pictures, I can't tell who had more fun...Mathias or Ben :) Very cute!

Dan said...

Moooore snow, here it is two days later and its almost gone.
Its cool have a little one around, almost like old time, till bed time and they go home. LOL

Megan and Greg said...

Oh that was so cute. So much fun!

Shannon said...

Were those socks on his hands? They looked warm with all of those layers. I still use plastic bags for insulation.

Cute. Ben, you are the favorite playmate.

heidi and Doug said...

ooohhhh how much fun that looks i cant wait for my little guy to start crawling then we can really start playing....


Megan and Greg said...

I love how Mathias always wants to pal around with Ben. I can't blame him! Looks like you guys had fun.