Monday, February 11, 2008


I believe in Fairies. One day while out trekking at Running Y I saw some fairies come dancing across the snow. It was magical! Here I am clunking through the snow sinking with every step and here come these fairies fairly dancing across the snow! They didn't even leave a print!

I hope all of you believe in fairies. Maybe someday you'll get
to play with some like I did!

If you ever get the chance to play with Fairies then you should.
Fairies keep you from growing old.
All good things come to an end eventually. This day with the Fairies
was fast closing. I miss them already!

They stayed with us through the long trek back and then so
fairy like...disappeared.


Dan said...

Great fairy story, just like a picture book.:)

fiona said...

Those fairies look like they were having a blast! it really was like a picture book, beautiful shots! I love the first and last ones...

Sutherlands said...

Those fairies were wonderful to watch...Molly and I were very jealous watching them prance on top of the snow! Just like feathers! Heather's feathers! haha OK, now I'm being silly. Great post mom!
Love, Robyn

miranda swartz said...

haha that was so fun! we should do that again next year!