Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dinners Ready! Go ahead and dish it up out of the oven!
I was happily knitting in the living room when I heard an
explosion that shook the house. How kind of this spaghetti
squash to announce it was done!

I found this Cool Basket at the Salvation Army...It took
awhile...but I finally charmed this snake out of it!

I kept playing my lute to see if I could charm
anything else out...I'm amazing...or the basket
is amazing...

And last but not least....purple chips....anyone
can do....
take a purple potato (or any color will work) it
is Halloween after all so therefore the purple...

Slice it thin and evenly...and then lay on Parchment Paper
in the Microwave...and microwave for a few minutes...keep
checking them to see if they're done. Salt and Eat!

No mess!


Sutherlands said...

HAHAHAHA!!! My dinner's usually announce that they are done by smoking...exploding is much healthier!

This was the funniest post! Can you charm money out of that magic toy basket?

Where do you get purple potatoes? Those chips are cool! I will have to try it. :)


Dan said...

Nice basket, I keep hoping a Genie will come out so I can get my 3 wishes. No luck yet.:(

fiona said...

I totally am going to try making chips like that, and I can't believe your spaghetti squashes exploded! That is so funny! They kinda look like they were in a battle and had their stomachs slit open...or I'm reading too many Saxon/Viking books, quite a few guts spilling out in those.

swartz family, and poco our cat said...

awesome! I want to try to make purple chips to.


Molly said...

OH my goodness my gut is going to explode laughing.... oh wait, the spagetti squash already did that.

WOW! that is too funny!

What a fun basket! Dominic looks like he's lov'n it. haha. He did help you pick it out after all.

NO WAY! Those are rad chips! I saw purple potatoes at Food4Less Robyn.