Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It looks like she's wearing a hat!
Here's another one...

What nationality did you say you come from?
She looks like kids from MY high school days here.
In this next photo she looks like my friend Julie. Oh
yeah...Julie is her mother.

Have you guessed who she is yet?

She is.........Serena! Serena was supposed
to be born into our family but got mixed up
somehow. Now she's adopted. These pics
were done while she was in class. Must be
a very interesting class.....hmmmmm.....


Sutherlands said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That is great! Serena, should rethink her hairstyle...a fro looks nice. :)

SGrace said...

OK. those pictures were for YOU to look at!!!! haha! you're such a punk. i am not coming to do your dishes anymore. take that. and i'm gonna kick your butt at geetar hero. but that one with the long straight hair totally reminds me of my mom's senior pic! except she had those HUGE ugly glasses! funny stuff! see you!

Shannon said...

LOL!! I love these!

swartz family, and poco our cat said...

rotful!!!!!!!!! very funny. havent seen you in a while, we should do something on thanksgiving or something.

Dan said...

What that stuff on there heads. LOL
Oh ya that hair.
Very funny pic.

Molly said...

hahahahah! cute serena!