Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

As I sit here creating this post it is snowing outside. What cruel joke is this?
Anyways........Easter was terrific this year. The Church program was so inspiring.
And then hanging out with family the whole weekend was fun.
The grantwids are in their year of firsts. First birthdays, first steps, First Easter, etc.
Dominic started walking at church today. He made it 4 ft. before falling.

I found their baskets at the goodwill.
Mathias and Annie actually hunted for their eggs.

Then we had an Egg hunt for the BIG kids...
Molly and John dyed 54 real eggs...

I had a huge bag of plastic eggs which were filled with...
1 starburst...I know...is that all?

At the signal they all came sprinting down the hill.

They searched and searched....

And then they counted to see who won by getting the mostest...

Andrew won with a total of 19 eggs....
but Paul really wanted to win so he went back out for another
hunt and found 4 more than he had so he beat Andrew by 1!
Technically I don't know if this counts.

Then we ate a big feast and then chilled out playing tank wars on
XBox 360, chatting, or playing on the trampoline.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Sutherlands said...

What a fun time we had! Alex and Dom were a little frightened of all of us "big" kids running full speed down the hill at them, but someone had to show them how it is really done. I still think that if we had actually put something inside their plastic eggs they would have been more willing to amuse us. Dom actually did very well, but Alex thought we were trying to trick him or something. He looked at those eggs (that he has been playing with for a week now) like there were spiders and snakes inside them. :) Great pictures!

fiona said...

Ha, the big kid hunt looks so fun and crazy! No injuries involved?? ;) Those Elmo baskets are pretty cute. So are their owners. That's awesome that D started walking! Two of 'em on the go...nice. Also, SNOW??? you've got to be kidding! But I know you're not. The 1 Starburst made me laugh :D Although that IS a semi-good idea, not too much of a candy overload but you still get the thrill of the hunt.

heidi and Doug said...

ohhh so cute it sounds like tons of fun! cant wait for dom presto and alex to play he loves other kids

Megan and Greg said...

Oh that was so great! That shot of everyone lined up with their baskets brought me back in time!!!! How funny an adult egg hunt! I love it! I can't believe Molly and John dyed so many eggs. Holy cow!

Megan and Greg said...

Wish we could have been there! Looks like fun!
Next time we should do the egg hunt tied together with a big rope... it would add to the mayhem!

Dan said...

Great egg hunt with the big kids.:o
Everyone had great time acting like kids.
Then we had to grow up :( and take care of our babies.
I wish we could be kids all the time, life would be some much simpler.