Tuesday, June 30, 2009


6 Things That Make Me Smile:

1. Gluten Free Cookies and Cake. I loooooooooooove them and smile the whole time I'm eating!

2. Jessie's Face all RED and SWEATY when she's just climbed a mountain with Daniel looking for a geocache and her face is all excited opening the canister.....and she asks.........oh goody....where's the CASH? hahahahaha.........that really makes me smile! (she really thought there would be money in it! hahaha)

3. Alex when he's trying to sign 'poop'. It's soooooooooo funny!

4. Flowers blooming in my yard. Especially the roses. I sniff and sniff and SMILE.

5. Telling Robyn there's an earwig crawling up her neck and watching her scream and start to rip her shirt off! LOL! I trick her every week and every week she falls for it. Big SMILE moment!

6. Reading a good book. I smile when I finally get to relax in bed at night to read for an hour or two. And I think to myself.........I have a great life!


Megan and Greg said...

Hey, when we get back I will have to make you some "pao de queijo" they are really yummy brazilian cheese rolls, and they are naturally gluten-free! I have been making them a lot lately since I recently learned how... Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Jessica Gardner said...

I am glad I can crack you up. No one told me they were just treasures. And from that experiance I convinced my friends to try it and they love it. :)I love good books too :D

Sutherlands said...

The problem is, you are just like the "Boy who cried wolf." Not that you are masculine in any way, but I have to believe you every time, because the one time I don't believe you will be the time you are telling me the truth! Besides...earwigs like ears, right? EWWW! It makes my ears itch just thinking about it!

Thanks for sharing! I forgot about Jesse's get-rich-quick-scheme! And Alex's eyes just light up every time he signs poop! Thanks for teaching it to him! haha