Saturday, June 13, 2009

Really Cool Toy

I received this for my birthday! It's called a Kindle.
You can read all about it here.
I already have 16 books in it.
I only bought 2 of them.
Amazon has lots of free book specials all the time.
There are plenty of free books on the internet.
i.e. I love Jane Austen....voila all her books are free.
Some authors want you to try their books so they'll offer
the first book in a series for free.
Right now I'm reading Stephanie Meyers....The Host
It's really good. I like it better than Twilight. *gasp*
I can search google.
I can email.
I can read blogs.
I can load in my own documents to read.
I can print a page if I want.
I can listen to audio books.
I can listen to any book with text to speech.
It's an mp3 player.
etc, etc, etc....
I know you're jealous!
The best part is I don't need to add on to the house
for all my books I like to read.
It was very expensive and I'm very spoiled.
Eat your heart out Zac!


Megan and Greg said...

I was looking at those a while back b/c I thought that it would be an easy way to get books in English while overseas (since shipping always ups the price a lot, and the kindle versions are often cheap on Amazon anyway). I have never got to play with one to see what it is like though. I am interested to check yours out when we get back. Glad you got a fun present!!


fiona said...

Happy late birthday! That does sound very cool...maybe I'll let Z get one sometime... ;) Then I'll probably be the one playing with it all the time, haha! No, it does sound great, I could maybe go for one, doesn't mean you have to get rid of all your real books, just have a nice, compact way to have a lot more, huh? that's cool that you can get online, too. How is it on your eyes, does it feel like looking at a computer screen? I wanna see yours too, bring it camping!

Sutherlands said...

Well, this sure beats a lamp shade!
But, you forgot to mention the best part! The screen is the BEST part, otherwise it would be just another laptop! It looks like paper!!! AMAZING i tell you!

happy B-day!

Jessica Gardner said...

Oooh that is tight! Does it come in a variety of colors? If so I will give my googley eyes and a boy will get me one!! :D That is sooo cool try not to worship its awesomeness! :D