Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Japanese Cartoon Face

That's what my boys call it. Anyways here's an up and coming Japanese Cartoon Face Character.
It's supposed to look like the next photo.

He hasn't got the eyes quite right yet but I'm sure he will in time. By the way he is a HUGE FAN of BEN.......hhhhmmmmm.....what does the future hold?


Andrew & Sari said...

Thats a great shot. sometimes his faces he makes have me laughing so much i forget to try and take a pic. though he chases me now when he sees the camera.

Molly said...

Mathias is like a crazy little monkey when you bring out the camera!

He was squealing and jumping to make is "camera shot" count. Of course he's got to view the mini-capture on the digital following each shot.

What a goof! Excellent shot!!

Paul said...

I LOVE it! Mathias is so adorable!
Love Robyn

Dan said...

The perfect shot :) :) LOL.

swartz family said...

poco looks so funny drinking out of the fishbowl!