Thursday, October 11, 2007

Preston The Pumpkin Head

Here's a cute pic of Preston Brandt new son of Heidi and Doug Brandt. He's sporting his new pumpkin hat that great aunt Rochelle knitted him for the month of October.

Stay tuned in the future when he debuts his doggie hat. It's probably a little too big for him right now.

Jack here wanted to try it on.....but he is too hairy. It would get in the fibers.

Here's some friends of mine who try on my hats. The white hat is Preston's
September hat.

Molly and I love making these because they're so fast. It's FUN!


Molly said...

AH! I'm sooo in love with the baby hats! I am going to go join a hat-factory!

I'm glad we got a picture of cutie-pie wearing his fall fashion! I LOVE THIS HAT!

thanks for posting mumsikins!

Ben said...

Another great post! Keep it up!

Megan and Greg said...

That is the coolest hat EVER!!!! Loved it!!!! (particularly the pumpkin one) Those pictures were so cute!

heidi and Doug said...

i will post more pictures of preston in his hats when my blog will let me it is behaving badly LOL.... love heidi and preston by the way he loves his hats they keep him toasty warm...

fiona said...

Those hats are sooo cute!! I love the doggie one, I can't wait to see a pic of him wearing it! Y'all are so talented... :)