Monday, October 1, 2007


This summer I went camping with Zac, Ben, Sam, Daniel, Emily, Greg, Jeff. I was the camp chef. I can bribe myself into these outings by bribing these guys with food. Jeff isn't in the pic because he had to leave early. Emily is taking the photo.
Camping with these grown up kids was a blast and very entertaining. Fiona what did Zac tell you he really did when on this trip? Lets take a look.....

Instead of jumping off this waterfall lets climb down it with a rope! The pic doesn't do the waterfall justice. Really its a lot bigger when up close. At one point Ben was hanging in the middle with the rope tangled around his leg and he was upside down.

Again......the rope.....lets ourselves up these rapids!

How about night swimming? Naked? Yeah!!!

The shorts are on top of their heads. I have other photos but not for public viewing.

In this next pic they're swimming under water. I wanted you to see the narrow canyon. In this canyon was a dead tree overhanging about 30 feet UP. The idea was to climb up the rock cliff which was straight up, crawl across the dead tree and jump into the water. After many attempts the idea was dropped but I'm sure they'll attempt again in the future.

Here's a fun juggling in camp pic.

We went to this fabulous waterfall that was more like a giant chute of water. Body surfing!

Yes this is Zac showing how easy it is.

This spot is really beautiful.

Now here is the reason for the post on this trip. The boys were so much fun and appreciated my camp food concoctions and kept saying how grateful they were so I said....oooo.....look at this beautiful creation. Carry it back up to the car...which is an adventure in itself with a VERY steep vertical climb in it....and you'll more than repay me for my cooking efforts. So here it is in its natural glory....and I took it.
Sam fixed it up in its new home. It took some effort drilling into this stump and securing the dish its sitting in and making everything work so the thing would balance correctly and not fall apart. The middle stone is missing because it broke so its being used as balancers.

Now its a monument to the terrific time I spent with these boys and I'll always remember them when I view this stone creation in my garden. Thanks boys!

p.s. I met up with this next person on this trip quite by accident and I must say he scared the ****out of me!
He was going to arrest me for taking the rock.


Molly said...

THAT IS THE COOLEST STORY! I didn't know that about the sculpture. What a lovely way to portray a memory too. I love it!

(I'm really sad I missed the trip too!)

Trina said...

I'm glad you didn't get arrested :)

zachariah said...

No bribing required, we loved having you along! As always, the time just went too quick.

fiona said...

You know, almost nothing would surprise me anymore...except him swimming naked, I would think he would be worried about something being nibbled. Sounds like a lot of fun, I wish we all coulda gone! We plan on next year, though! :) That is a very cool rock "sculpture"! Also, YAY FOR GRANNIES!!!

Megan and Greg said...

I hate that mask. Ooooooooo. I feel awful when I see it. I can't believe all that adventure! Greg just told me he had fun. He left out all those extra details. Thanks!