Friday, October 26, 2007


Zac sent this HUGE 5 kg box of Mate to us from Uruguay.
The postman delivered it to the door and said....Careful! It's leaking....looks like Oregano!
We opened the box and the bag was broken.
Here it is leaking.....

Zac paid $4 for the bag and spent $18.80 to ship it. He meant to bring
it with him when he came for Abe's wedding but never made it due to
lost luggage. THANKS Zac!


zachariah said...

I hope it's good Mate... after I finally got my bags back from the void I had this bag sitting in my hallway. We don't drink the stuff so it was worthless to us, though it does smell really nice, the whole upstairs smelled like Mate. Hope you enjoy, this bag of Mate has travelled nearly 30,000 miles to get to Oregon (counting the lost baggage route miles, and then resending through the mail)!!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow that was so nice of Zac! I don't care for the stuff but YEA for you!!!!! I love special things and THAT will last FOREVER!!!!

Molly said...

sure... maté huh... just kidd'n!

IF there actually is a need for more, maybe a plastic garbage bag would help? And perhaps not so many trips across the sea. heheh.

what fun! Not drink'n it now (baby), but will be in the future. I'm sure there will be plenty left!